Tess Of The Circle

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Track List

1. Love Is the Drug That You Crave 2:57
2. I’m Not Ashamed 2:39
3. You Take Me Out of My Head 3:11
4. Believe (Into Her Arms) 5:25
5. Mother Daughter Son 2:51

1. Digging At My Bones 2:59
2. Face the Changes 3:10
3. Drowning Without You 4:05
4. Summer Rain 3:49
5. The Waves Break Us Down 2:26
6. This Higher Ground 4:18
“The temptation to release an album on vinyl is great. But in doing so, I think it’s important to ask why you wish to and what it represents to that artist. For me and I’m sure a great many others, vinyl carries memories of a childhood obsessed with music. The 1st listen of a now treasured record; as you held it in your hands and wondered what sounds awaited. Pulling out the lyric sheet as you listened and imagining who the people were that the band gave thanks to. And, how those people had helped the record. Falling asleep towards the end of Side B as the music started to mellow… And, sometimes, waking up hurriedly and rushing to the record deck if the stylus had ended up on the label after the last track!

But what of 2017 and what of our album AMPLIFY? Well in short, when putting together the tracks for this record, my mind was drawn to those classic records. Albums that weren’t just a collection of songs but instead built a sonic journey. I wanted to make a record that ebbed and flowed. That started big and took you to a soulful conclusion. A record that crossed genres but remained true to itself. That is what vinyl is to me. It’s also represents a moment out of the rat-race. Sure you can skip a track… But, more often than not, you’d relax and give the whole record a chance – repeatedly. And in time, each song found its own charms. I hope you enjoy this release and I hope it charms you. Thank you.”


Set to delight fans of rock, folk and indie, AMPLIFY has repeatedly wowed critics and music fans alike. This ANNIVERSARY EDITION released through us at PLANE GROOVY is 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Each copy is hand numbered and comes with a hand signed letter from songwriter TESS JONES. This really is something rather special!


“AMPLIFY is one of the best rock albums of the last decade”

* * * * *, Rock n Reel Magazine / R2

“Some very hot UK Talent!”

Bob Harris (BBC RADIO 2)

“A startlingly heartfelt yet world-weary vocal. Tess Of The Circle are clearly poised to engender the affection of fans of sixties, seventies and nineties rock”


“Some artists wear their influences on their sleeve, others like Tess Jones’ from Tess Of The Circle absorb them as they grow up, thereby creating a style of their own. A style that sways from folk to rock to punk, but always leads to a strong chorus, The passion never falters.”

Classic Rock Magazine

“If Tess Of The Circle are on the cusp of something, this might just be what puts them over the edge. This my friends is a bit of a wow!”

POWERPLAY Magazine, score 9/10

“Early Led Zeppelin meets American grunge at the top of its game”

* * * *, GUITARIST Magazine